Biliary dyskinesia - symptoms and treatment

The disease, which interferes with the normal flow of bile from the liver into the duodenum, called biliary dyskinesia. In this disease, the bile enters in large quantities (hyperkinesia), or it will nehvataet (hypokinesia). It should be noted that often this disease affects women.

The main symptoms

If you notice the following symptoms, you must consult a doctor to put the correct diagnosis and prescribed the appropriate treatment. In this disease the person is suffering from the following symptoms:

- pain in the right hypochondrium, as a rule, it increases after exercise, eating, or stress, can give the right shoulder or scapula;

- palpation the patient feels pain in the gall bladder;

- there is a bitter taste in the mouth;

- nausea, vomiting.


In order to make a correct diagnosis, the physician should conduct a survey. The patient should have blood taken for biochemical analysis, to do an ultrasound, also held duodenal intubation and cholecystography. All this is necessary in order not to confuse this disease with others that have similar symptoms.

To start the treatment, you must determine what form of the disease the patient suffers: hyperkinetic or hypokinetic.

In the first case, the patient should be explored to eat about five times a day, and also to eliminate foods that cause the contraction of the gall bladder, for example, fatty foods, meat, confectionery, vegetable oil, beer and soft drinks. You should include in your diet as many vegetables and fruits. The doctor may prescribe reception choleretic drugs and antispasmodics. It is useful to drink water medium or weak mineralization in hot form in the glass half an hour before meals.

When the second form of the disease, on the contrary it is recommended to use products that have choleretic action: vegetable oil and butter, brown bread, eggs, sour cream and all sorts of vegetables. Also appointed choleretic drugs. In this case we use water of high salinity, but it is necessary to drink in the cold half a glass half an hour before meals.

In this disease the patients necessarily recommended to follow a diet and you also need to avoid excessive emotional and physical stress.

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