Big salary helps men to quit Smoking

Teaching from the University of California established that the promotion and the extra money given the chance to overcome a bad habit 5% of male smokers. This writes the Psych Central.

Medical experts warn that Smoking is highly injurious to health, increases the risk of heart disease and lung cancer. But not every smoker listens to the recommendations of experts. Scientists noticed, high salary makes men to reconsider their position in relation to Smoking.

From 18 to 21 years of salary usually does not change. Scientists have traced this group of men and established, if people started to earn more, a chance to quit Smoking had increased by 5%. Thus, salary has become a panacea for a small proportion of smokers.

The more money a man earns, the less likely that he smokes, established professionals. The decision to quit the habit was influenced by the support of unions and some other factors.

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