An excessive amount of injury is most common in countries with a low number of contact sports, which need a long time to train, where one movement is repeated many times. These injuries account for almost 30 percent of all other known cases.

The majority of multiple injuries (62 percent) occur in women, according to a new study published in the current edition of the journal of Athletic Training.

"The majority of multiple injuries can represent not only physical problems, but also psychological, which could significantly affect the recovery of the athlete and performance," said study co-author Tracy Cousin, certified coach at the University of Michigan and a member of the Department of kinesiology.

"Understanding the frequency and severity of excessive injury is an important first step for the development of effective prevention programs, intervention strategies and treatment protocols for the rehabilitation of athletes with many types of injuries".

According to the study, multiple injuries usually occurs gradually and is caused by repeated minor trauma, mainly in sports such as long-distance running, rowing and swimming. For comparison, injuries occurring in high speed in contact sports, most likely, are acute, because it is the result of specific and identifiable event.

Long-term consequences of excessive injuries include loss of playing time, the reduction of the main functions and psychological exhaustion. Athletes can go for a longer period of recovery, which can lead to chronic health effects, including deformities and arthritis.

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"Strategy for the prevention and early intervention excessive injuries in all sports, and for both sexes is necessary in order to reduce their number and severity", sums up Cousin.

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