Better diet: a food on a strict schedule

Most people in the earnest desire to "dump" the excess weight just sneer on his body - resort to all kinds of diets designed for different time periods. These diets suggest eating food, which by assumption losing weight will help overweight.

Meanwhile, experts have long noted that following a strict and "fast" diets gives only the appearance of positive dynamics since dropped the weight at the end of time "sitting" on the diet back into place and, moreover, at a rapid pace.

Scientists from the research Institute of biology (SSAC) found that in relation to weight reduction is much more efficient not following any strict diet and schedule of meals, which should be carefully adjusted.

Experiments on weight reduction was carried out on laboratory animals. In this study the experts was divided animals into two groups. Animals received identical power in the period of time during which the performed study. In other words, the diet with a daily caloric content was the same. However, the animals, the "representatives" of the first group had unlimited access to their allocated food. And the "representatives" of the second group received a diet strictly on schedule.

Upon completion of the experiment, the scientists found that mice from the second group, which were fed on schedule, has significantly improved the metabolic processes of the body, and they were adjusted physiological rhythm. Due to this effect the animals was not recruited weight at the time of the survey. In addition, rodents, located in the experimental group differed most calm demeanor.

Thus, the experts concluded that uncontrolled food intake contributes to the impaired metabolism of substances.

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