Best of all medicines for diseases of the brain - curry

Experts gathered new evidence about the incredible usefulness of curry, which came to us from India, write to the British media, particularly the newspaper the Telegraph.

As it turned out that thanks to the curcumin is the substance found in large numbers in curry, the human brain can prevent senile dementia and it is with high probability.

Studies began using fruit flies. One half of the flies for a long period of time received curcumin and the other half not. It turned out that fruit flies are from the first half of the lived almost twice as long (about 75 percent) than flies of the second half.

The scientists also looked at the fact that in India (curry here is one of the favorite spices) - the number of people with obvious signs of senile dementia, is significantly lower than in Western European countries.

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Senile dementia or dementia, and Alzheimer's disease, provoked by the accumulation of brain amyloid protein. Curcumin amyloid protein does not dissolve, but he has the ability to process his education to significantly slow down. So Lane Hammarstrom - a scientist from the University of linköping (Sweden) explains why curry can, apparently, be an excellent preventive against reduction in brain cognitive activities, and the preservation of previously acquired skills and knowledge.

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