"Berry" allergies in children

We all know that berries are, first, very tasty, and secondly, incredibly useful. Berries are rich in vitamins, organic acids, pectin and essential oils. However, children are often on different kinds of berries is an allergic reaction.

What to do if these Goodies enjoyed your kid, he had redness of the cheeks or rash went all over the body? Pediatricians recommend, first of all - stop to give the child the product that caused such a reaction. It is for this reason that berries in the diet of the child to enter should be gradual, making a smooth transition from one species to another, in order to have an accurate idea of what kind of berries at the body have a reaction. Not earlier than in a month you can repeat the following method berries.

Experts believe that the cause of children "berry" allergies is that the child's body is not yet fully formed (absence of certain enzymes that are used for processing berries). With age, all "living" in the gastrointestinal tract enzymes begin to function fully, and Allergy itself gradually passes. Especially allergic reactions often cause berries with red. These berries should be very careful.

If allergic reactions are still present, it is better to children to give berries in mashed form, so you will be able to get rid of seed and lint, which basically is the cause of allergies. Berries berries can be subjected to heat treatment.

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