Berries will slow down the process of aging brain

The aging brain is an irreversible process of aging, physicians and pharmacists all over the world are struggling with the development of new, highly efficient and more expensive drugs - neuroprotectors, which at its essence is to improve the functions of memory, attention, orientation, slow down aging neurons. Unfortunately, in addition to increasing the cost of prevention, there is no drug that can solve this problem and to stop the aging process of the brain.

More medicine researchers are looking for effective and safe natural resources. So scientists from Tufts University, which is located in Boston conducted a number of clinical research on animals and human beings on the influence of blackberries, blueberries and strawberries on the aging brain.

It turns out that berry is a natural powerful natural antioxidant. Add berries to the diet of an elderly man helps to normalize the free-radical oxidation in the body and particularly the brain. This allows you to quickly eliminate the damaging effects of excess free radicals in brain cells - neurons, and thus to protect them from damage and destruction. In addition, elimination of free-radical stress of brain cells and improves the functioning of neurons is normalized neuronal communication, and therefore brain function.

This positive effect of berries on the brain cells can slow down the processes that lead to the development of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, that is, all those processes which are associated with decreased cognitive functions of human memory, attention, orientation, etc. Everything that causes elderly people to social exclusion, i.e. the impossibility of themselves to serve in modern society.

Lead researcher Barbara Shukitt-Haque said: "Research has demonstrated that enrichment of the diet with berries allows you to preserve the health of neurons, slows the aging process of the brain, and therefore help to prevent the development of many neurological diseases.

Requires further research in this direction for the selection of substances contained in the berries, which can slow the aging brain. This will allow you to create new and effective medicines on the basis of these substances to prevent the development of a number of neurological diseases," added Barbara Shukitt-Haque.

While scientists will allocate substances to create new medicines, you can now engage in the prevention of neurological diseases using spring and summer quite a lot of natural antioxidants (berries.

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