Berries - excellent prevention of obesity

Scientists from the University of Lund found: cranberries is a great tool for weight loss. It will neutralize the effects of harmful products and helps combat excess weight, even if not the best diet. According to The Daily Mail, berry reduced cholesterol and sugar in the experience involving laboratory rats.

Popular acai berry, on the contrary, increased the weight. For the experiment, the scientists took rats, inclined to corpulence. Rats were divided into groups. The control group received only healthy foods. The remaining animals received one of the products (cranberries, prunes, black currants) together with the main diet.

Best after the experiment felt rats fed blueberries. These animals did not gain weight and their cholesterol and blood sugar were within normal limits.

Other berries are also good. But the acai berry, popular in the circles of fans of the diets was not so useful. Animals consumed as supplements, only improved. It is known that cranberries contain large amounts of polyphenols. These substances help to fight against excess weight and maintain health indicators are normal.

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