Belly dancing is good for health

We know that belly dancing is a beautiful and fun, especially if it is performed by an attractive woman. Scientists have considered this action is not aesthetic aspects and health benefits.

Sheri Waldrop, shares his observations in the field of rehabilitation with the help of Oriental dance.

So, in order.

Improved posture and muscle tone

Our spine is a large number of bones, ligaments and muscles that keep this design in the right position for us. With smooth, circular movements of the pelvis, belly dance makes our spine is flexible and increases tone muscular frame.

Preparation for childbirth

Unbelievable, but it is belly dance, strengthen muscles, which will take an active part in childbirth. For women who are planning a natural childbirth, this form of exercise will help to tone up your muscles and will help to make them smooth and controlled.

The correction

People with a perfect figure - confident man. Confidence is a must for mental health. Belly dance quickly strengthens the quadriceps, the hamstrings and the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. You will be able to find a trainer with such a wide spectrum of effects?

Combating stress

Repetitive movements of the dance, the concentration on the plastic and exotic music helps to relax and to switch from the mad pace of modern life in the spiritual world.

Improved digestion

Any form of physical activity is the stimulation of the digestive process. Belly dancing involve in training all the muscles of the abdomen, and the load is distributed evenly, which helps to avoid muscle tears and pain after a workout.

And this is only a basic list of features Oriental dance for health.

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