Believe that everything is in your hands, this prolongs the life scientists

Scientists have found that control over your life allows you to keep a positive attitude, faster to achieve, to overcome difficulties. In addition, such people have fewer health problems. Note, the study took into account social factors and educational level. The data were published in the online edition of The Times of India.

Research has shown that control of their own lives helps significantly reduce the risk of early death. A positive attitude allows you to neutralize not the best social status or the lack of a decent education. "Believe me, that's all in your hands, and the world will turn to you face" - this is the position of scientists from the University of Brandeis.

Usually bad education is associated with poor lifestyle choices. Its consequences among those believing in yourself people almost never mentioned. Data were obtained from a survey. Respondents answered on a seven-point scale how they control the course of his life. Compare your results and health status of the subjects, the researchers obtained the above data.

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