Belarus is determined to legalize self-treatment

Belarusian doctors made a legislative proposal to approve the medication. The initiator of this decision was made by the Dean of the pharmaceutical faculty of the Vitebsk state medical University Valentina Kugach.

Kugach believes that the responsible competent self-treatment can bring economic benefits to 270 million Belarusian rubles per day( in terms of - 984 Russian ruble).

University specialists conducted a survey of doctors and 70 percent of them confirmed that the pharmacist can recommend customers to use those drugs that are sold without a prescription.

The Ministry of health of Belarus adder plans in the coming months to expand the list of drugs that do not require a prescription from 450 to thousands of items. The list will include strong antipyretics, analgesics. Now without prescription will be dispensed sixth of all sold in the country of drugs. However, in parallel, the program to tighten control over the pharmacies, the license will be denied institutions, dispensing prescription drugs without a prescription.

The introduction of self-medication at the state level and wrap it in the appropriate normative legal base means lower costs for the services of doctors, nurses. However, the Dean of VGA recognizes that the country is still not well developed education for self-treatment, and the University will try to fill this gap in the coming years. Seminars to improve knowledge of the population are held, but attendance is low.

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In the world practice is already widespread Internet pharmacies where drugs are accessible without consulting a specialist, and it's not always a plus for the population. In Belarus outside of pharmacies, the implementation of the drugs will be denied. The most viable option is considered pharmacy self-service, but before the opening of Belarus will have to study the experience of other States, as in Moscow, the first pharmacy self-service was extremely obalnim enterprise.

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