Beet juice will help to reduce the pressure

British scientists from the London medical College said that regular daily consumption of beetroot juice leads to the fact that blood pressure is reduced by 7 percent. As shown by the results of experiments, achieving a similar effect is guaranteed by nitrates, which are part of the beet. Such a high concentration of the above-mentioned substances can also be found in cabbage, celery, spinach and other green leafy vegetables. Eating food with a high content of nitrates causes chemical reactions, which increases the amount of oxygen in those parts of the body that have a need for this.

Beet juice contains about 0.2 grams of nitrate, which is equivalent to its content in two beets or a large bowl with the salad. According to researchers, vegetables with a high dietary nitrate measurably improve the health of the heart and blood vessels of a person, and also prevents diseases mentioned system.

Study participants drank 250 ml of water or beet juice, with low levels of nitrates. Staff then controlled pressure for 24 hours. Those people who drank beet juice, blood pressure levels were decreased by 10 mm Hg compared with those who drank just water.

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Its peak effect of beet juice was reached after three hours after consumption, but at the same time, he continued to last for days.

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