Beet diet - lose weight with beets

Beet diet refers to mono -, is to use only one product and allows in a short period of time to achieve substantial results. Like any other mono-diet, beet lasts no longer than one week, depending on the characteristics of the organism, reset from three to seven pounds. To increase the duration of this diet is impossible, this is caused by the decrease in the number of people entering the body of nutrients with monotonous diet. This makes the body less secure and vulnerable.

The main product of this diet is beets, which are known since ancient times for its beneficial properties. It is the presence of large amounts of organic salts, multiple vitamins, minerals, and fiber helps not only get rid of the "extra inches", but also to improve their health. However, it has contraindications. It is not recommended for people with kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes.

During the beet diet excludes the consumption of all products, except sugar beet, a small amount of carrots, olive oil in a minimum quantity, garlic, low-fat sour cream, rye bread, fresh green tea without sweeteners. Alcohol during the diet is strictly prohibited. Beets are allowed to be consumed in any form, including the tops.

Despite the small variety in the menu, beet diet is quite easy. It's caused by a hundred beet is quite satisfying product and to use it can be virtually unlimited (up to two kilograms). The number of meals ranging from four to eight (every two hours) in small portions. To resort to such a diet can not occur more than once in a quarter, and to secure the results will help regular fasting days and sports.

Sample menu:

Breakfast includes about two tablespoons of freshly squeezed beet juice, a salad of raw carrots and beets with olive oil.

Second Breakfast presents diced cooked beetroot.

Lunch consists of beetroot soup, prepared from the leaves and root of the beet, slice of rye bread and a Cup of green tea.

The afternoon involves a glass of carrot juice and half a boiled beet.

For dinner you can cook baked beets whole salad of raw carrots and beets with garlic and olive oil, green tea.

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Exercise will help to improve the result and will make your figure more attractive.

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