Scientists from the University of Illinois proved that due to the special chemical composition of high-quality beer with hops activates the metabolism of the female hormone estrogen. If processing cells of the mammary gland extract of hops, can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. About it writes The Daily Mail.

Hops contains 8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN). This compound slightly increases the activity of the hormone estrogen. It is useful for women and bad for men. Beer generally has a negative impact on the hormonal background of a strong half of mankind, if you consume this drink frequently and in large quantities.

In another study, researchers from Italy have proved that two small cans of beer (about 0.7 liters in total) are not harmful to health. Moreover, this portion of the alcohol can reduce the likelihood of diseases of the cardiovascular system by about 25%. Women experts recommend to drink no more than 330 milliliters, men – no more than two small cans.

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