Beer belly – a sure way to prostate cancer, scientists

The presence of male beer belly significantly increases the risk of developing prostate cancer. Experts from Oxford University have established that excess weight in the abdomen extremely negative impact on the body. It is particularly markedly increases the likelihood of prostate cancer.

Scientists analyzed the health of 150 thousand men. It turned out that people with obesity die of cancer more often than people with normal weight. The experiment lasted 14 years. During this time, prostate cancer developed in 7 of thousands of volunteers, thousands of people died.

It turned out, more than waist girth in men, the higher his risk of developing prostate cancer. Healthy threshold should not exceed 95 cm, installed by the experts. When this number is exceeded, the probability of cancer increases by about 20%.

Yet to answer the question, what is the reason for such regularities, scientists can't. Further studies will help to understand this issue.

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