Beer and vodka favorite drinks Russians

Preferences of Russians concerning alcoholic beverages will not be changed, at the peak of popularity in the country are still beer and vodka. However, this July, despite the great heat, bought more vodka.

According to Rosstat, in July 2012, the organizations of wholesale trade was sold for 8% more vodka than in the same month last year. Sales for July amounted to more than 13 million decaliters (dal) this hot drink. In this case, the sale of beer was not as successful turnover of foam fell by 6.6%, to 13.8 million dal. But increased demand for cognac, its sales rose by 43.6% to 1.2 mln dal. And the most active rate (50.4%) increased implementation of whiskey. This alcoholic drink in July, it sold about 341 thousand dal. Research Rosstat in Russia in July dropped the demand for wine (minus 0.7% to 12.3 million dal), and sparkling wines, by contrast, was sold by 14.7% higher (about 2.1 million decaliters). Counting the total number sold in July of alcoholic beverages in Russia, we can say that just this month was implemented approximately 19.4 million dal. And this figure is 4.6% higher than the sale of alcohol in July 2012.

By the way, in Russia quite often identify the facts of the sale of fake alcohol. One of the most notable cases in recent times you can attempt to call men to realize the tank of alcohol.

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