Bedsores: quietly crouching death

The appearance of sores most often caused by insufficient care for the bedridden patients. The sores appear when the blood flow in certain parts of the body is limited and as a result, the skin starts to break down. How is that they appear surrounded by doctors and nurses patients?

Monstrous-looking from the disease appears only as a result of negligent treatment of patients. The sores appear in more than half a million people a year, they have led to 2708 deaths in the period from 2003 to 2008. The problem of bedsores is ignored health, however, mortality from no less than from Staphylococcus aureus.

Why this issue is so little care doctors and officials? Because the sores appear the most vulnerable people - the old, the disabled or infirm. There are few of them who protects, they are closed from the outside world in the institutions in which it is not cared for properly.

A recent study showed that one third of the 150 participating in the analysis of hospitals showed greater than normal number of people with pressure ulcers. But how to deal with this phenomenon? Just a shame nurses? The Ministry of health should introduce a policy of zero tolerance for pressure sores in patients, and their appearance should be considered as medical negligence of the attending staff. It was then that problem will fundamentally change its direction. Not much of a problem is low wages for nurses in nursing homes and homes for the disabled.

Even more frightening is the thought of how many bedsores Motte to be in patients receiving home care and financial circumstances do not have the capacity to hire additional staff to prevent bedsores.

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