Bedroom is a very dirty place and the main source of allergies in the house

A third of Britons faced with the symptoms of allergies in the bedroom, according to The Daily Mail, referring to a study by British scientists. According to statistics, 17% of residents of Albion change their bed linen only once a month.

Data were obtained from a survey of two thousand people. The second was the kitchen. Some families change of linen every two months, making their own bedroom the dirtiest place in the house.

The main sources of household allergies are dust mites and animal dander. In most cases develops increased watery eyes and mucous discharge from the nose, at 25% will develop a rash.

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13% experiencing Allergy symptoms up to three times a week, 6% - up to five times. Note that an allergic reaction is a direct path to bronchial asthma, severe respiratory disease and immune system.

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