Because of the death of infants is closed the hospital in Alma-ATA

Happened egregious case in Kazakhstan. Was closed perinatal center after several tens of infant deaths. According to the media, 60 children died five months in the hospital.

Supervisors focused on the activities of the Center of Perinatology and pediatric surgery of the city of Alma-ATA after the incident for two days in a row of three cases of death of newborns. The mother of the deceased infant was told that proceeded them pregnant normally, without any deviations. But mothers were reported the death of infants occurred due to intrauterine infection.

In these cases, the hospital was closed immediately, and subjected to checks. Moreover, a representative of the administration of the institution Zhanat Bigolina commented on the closure of the hospital as if this contributed to the fact that there is a shortage of seats.

Now in Almaty perinatal center will validate the relevant authorities: the experts of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, the Prosecutor's office and the Committee for control of medical practice. During it, and it was found that in 2012 there are 60 cases of death of children born.

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Also revealed violations during the inspection, as reported by the acting district Prosecutor Bauyrzhan Jumakanov. But the specific refinement, which violations, was not followed.

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