Because of the constant lack of sleep workers cease to put forward creative ideas

Scientists have long been established that sleep deprivation affects productivity and makes people careless. But that's not all the consequences of lack of sleep. Workers who don't sleep at night, do not possess enthusiasm and not able to put forward new ideas. These workers begin to behave unethically in the workplace and do not receive satisfaction from the work. To this opinion of the researchers from the Medical school at Harvard after he conducted research in the area of lack of sleep.

So, it was found that if a person is not getting enough sleep at night, it starts worse to work, and it decreases the level of innovative thinking. He loses the ability to Express new ideas, because lack of sleep affects the prefrontal cortex - the primary zone, which is responsible for creativity and creativity. In addition, it was found that sleep deprivation and stress are interrelated. Due to a lack of sleep stress occurs, which further interferes with sleep.

Another problem is the excessive employment in the workplace. People are busy 24 hours a day. Some even dream continue to write SMS-Ki. Short breaks taken during the day are not able to increase the performance level of the employee. People should not sleep more than an hour during the day and go to sleep better after two hours after lunch.

The researchers concluded that, in General, problems with sleep arise from nervous and hard work. That is why they advise employers encourage their employees with leave, to improve their performance.

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