Beautiful teeth enhance the chances to find a prestigious job

British researchers have come to believe that white smile not only makes you look 5 years younger, but in addition increases the chances to get a prestigious job. This study was commissioned by the company Oral B, and in its result, it was found that beautiful teeth significantly increase the chances of job seekers during a job interview. The whiter and impeccable teeth candidate for the job, the more it seems to be working for the employer. In addition, owners of white teeth appear visually on 5 years younger than the rest.

British dentists say that ¾ of the population want to go or have already undergone the procedure of teeth whitening. Applying to dental patients ask them to make teeth whiter 2-3 tones. By the way, the fact of the yellowness of the teeth upsets residents of the UK much more than these oral diseases like periodontal disease or caries.

During the research assistants interviewed 2000 people of both sexes, and in addition, respondents were also dentists. One third of respondents men believed that white teeth are a sign of prosperity and special status. In addition, beautiful teeth mean that the owner graduated from the University or has received a private education. Also, according to respondents, beautiful teeth make people 20 percent more attractive.

Major detractors partner while Dating is halitosis and yellow plaque on the teeth. According to the respondents, these shortcomings are even worse than acne or bad hair. Meanwhile, men poor dental health scares more than baldness.

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