Beautiful tan for all skin types - it is possible

Came Sunny days, it's summer. All of us, without exception, want to look attractive, riveting the attention of others, and we all dream of a beautiful tanned skin. But how to achieve this and why someone's skin beautifully dark, and someone instantly burns?.. Let's see how to achieve a beautiful, tanned, and most importantly healthy skin representatives of any phototype.

Beauticians divide people into 3 types (European, Nordic and Celtic) - depending on how the skin reacts to the sun.

Representatives of the European phototype have tanned skin, dark hair and eyes. Burn they are very rare and can boast of a good tan. They will, perhaps, any way to give the skin a beautiful shade.

The Nordic phototype sunbathing harder. Its distinctive features - light skin, brown hair, blue eyes. Representatives of this type to be exposed to direct sunlight for more than dangerous.

And finally, the third phototype - Celtic: people with white thin skin covered with freckles. Now who is impossible to sunbathe, so it is fraught with sun burns.

But not all so bad. To achieve a beautiful skin color, everyone can do it, the main thing - to choose the correct and safe way.

Representatives of the European phototype can go closer to the sun - for example, on the beach or on the roof of his house. The ultraviolet radiation in moderate doses useful for them, and afraid of sunburn they should not. It is important not to overdo it and be able to adjust the position of the body. All you need to know the measure.

The Nordic phototype you can use the Solarium. Lamp to emit the same UV rays as the sun. However, Solarium has one important advantage - the amount of ultraviolet light can be dosed, and for this skin type is what you need. Session duration is set by the timer, but for the first time - no more than 6 minutes. In addition, Solarium increases the immunity of the body, but the main advantage under ultraviolet lamps to tan faster than the sun. A lamp placed close to the body, therefore, the ultraviolet rays are not scattered. 10 minutes in a tanning bed is equal to one day on the beach.

Seemingly harmless and easy way to get a nice tan. But not for the Celtic type. For them there is nothing better than the so-called tanning facilities - cream, tanning and spray tanning. Sold in any pharmacy, in any cosmetic catalog, specialized in cosmetic stores, in General, accessible to everyone. When using tanning 2-3 h staining of the surface layers of the epidermis. The skin will darken truly, and this without the aid of dangerous ultraviolet light, instead the skin has a special chemical formula. Of course, this tan is not as durable as natural, but from tanning there are no side effects in the form of sunburn.

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Summing up the above, it should be noted that absolutely everyone, regardless of type, can give the skin a beautiful bronze color. The correct way ensures that you get a beautiful and even tan, and most importantly no side effects. Sunbathe and have fun.

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