Beautiful Breasts for a long time

Beautiful women's Breasts have always attracted attention and drew views: admiring men and jealous women. And it's not necessarily big Breasts. Beauty depends not only on size. Today, the ideal breast is the one that retains its shape in any movements. And this is only possible if the Breasts high and firm. Thus, the main quality of the ideal breast is a good tone.

Breast augmentation is almost impossible without surgery. But every woman is able to raise the tone of their Breasts and thereby improve its shape. What you need to do?

Firstly, pick the right bra. Too tight squeezes blood and lymphatic vessels, thereby complicates the circulation of the blood and impairs the nutrition of tissues. Too loose is bad supports the breast, allowing it to sagging and increases the stretch marks.

Next, be sure to watch your posture. Straight back and straightened his shoulders make it easy gait, and Breasts more attractive. Stoop, on the contrary, conceals even the most beautiful form.

It is advisable not to get involved with tanning Topless as under direct sunlight, the skin on the breast loses its elasticity, aging and more exposed to the risk of development of malignant tumors.

Trying to lose weight, you need to remember the sense of measure and take into account that the breast loses weight faster. As long as the body will come to the desired size, the skin on the chest will become flabby and stretched.

After giving birth and feeding of the child also loses elasticity of the breast may develop stretch marks. To avoid this, during pregnancy requires careful breast care, and the sooner it can start, the better.

The most effective result gives a cold shower, it improves blood circulation and improves skin elasticity. For each breast per day is enough for 1-2 minutes in circular movements. For those who are not able to do it, instead of a shower, you can take a piece of ice, to be performed on the chest, and then to hold to the neck. This procedure gives a lifting effect.

Another good way to rejuvenate the breast is its irrigation from sprinklers with dusty water with the addition of drops of chamomile and subsequent rubbing through the towel. The temperature of the water used is gradually reduced to 14 degrees.

For the skin on the chest destructive moisture loss and in this case, a definite benefit from moisturizing creams, special Facials and body wraps that tighten the skin, strengthen it, eliminate stretch marks. Taking a bath or shower, you should gently apply the cream to the Breasts, including the décolleté and neck.

Follow these recommendations, you can improve the tone of the female breast and to preserve her youth and beauty.

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