Beautiful and straight teeth in a child - what to pay attention to the parents?

Of course, parents want their child to grow up healthy and happy. As is well known, beautiful, straight teeth are the pride of every man. One of the many parental responsibilities is to ensure that the child was yet a child formed a straight row of teeth and adjusted the correct bite.

In normal upper jaw should cover the bottom, but sometimes it's Vice versa. In this case you need time to adjust before will happen characterized by undesirable changes in the structure of the skull. On the development of teeth is influenced by many factors: heredity, type of feeding, nutrition, bad habits, thumb sucking or pacifier, adenoids. By reason of improper formation of the bite can be the change of teeth with dairy root when a new tooth starts to grow before the loss of the old.

Check the occlusion and to offer suggestions for correcting it may orthodontist. You may need to install plates or braces. To more accurately determine what to do for straightening of the teeth or bite, the specialist will be able only after the child is made a panoramic dental radiograph. If wearing plates suggests their impact on the teeth for a certain period of time during the day, the braces are not removed. In dentistry used metal and plastic (transparent), surface (which can be seen) and internal (not visible to others) braces, the cost of the installation are different. In childhood braces are normally installed in 5-7 years, or wear them until that moment, until you cut all molars.

To bite the child has developed the right and install the brackets are not necessary, it is necessary for as long as possible to feed the baby breast milk. It is also possible should be introduced into his diet crackers, apples, carrots. Moms need to nip in the Bud the appearance of their child's bad habits. Once every six months should seek the advice of a specialist.

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As the child grows, his jaw continue to evolve, so children are easier to fix any defects. When the jaw growth stops, pathology develop to the extent to which it allows the jaw. Closely monitor the health of the mouth of the baby, and he will give you not one joyful smile!

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