Be good and bad in our genes

American scientists have found that unselfishness appears in person not just on the behest of the soul, or because education is largely responsible for it our genes. A gene that makes people more generous and kind they called the genome of an angel.

Scientists from the University of California has revealed that possess this gene, not all people, and without it, people are much more inclined to Express such traits as cruelty, greed, selfishness. As expected, the gene responsible for the production of oxytocin and vasopressin in charge of social adaptability and good feelings towards others. In addition there is already a spray, which helps to raise the body's level of oxytocin, which helps to increase the sociability of people, male libido but also increases the romantic orientation in men.

"Angel gene", and his absence is inherited, so the proverb "from osinki not born of oranges" may have a genetic basis. In experiment took part 711 people, they answered questions about civic duty, respect for others, tendency to avarice, and then passed saliva for DNA analysis.

Study author Michelle Pullen noted that this gene affects the perception of the world people, its absence makes the world in the view of people dangerous and threatening place, such people do not wish to be generous. Those who feel more comfortable, capable of wide actions.

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