Bats will save stroke victims

Ten English hospitals is the treatment of stroke saliva of blood-sucking bats. Substances in the saliva of mice dissolve blood clots in the vessels of the brain, which caused a stroke. This allows to minimize the disability of patients and to quickly restore physiological functions.

In order to avoid serious consequences, experienced blow people should get a shot within 4 hours after a stroke, but the experiments showed that injection based on the saliva of bats and helps in the period up to 9 hours. This difference can save the health of patients who have experienced a stroke during sleep and assisted only in the morning.

Bats vampires have saliva that retains liquid blood, so they could drink from the wounds of the victims. Doctors from the University hospital of North Staffordshire, the first in the UK began treating people with the help of the saliva of bats, if tests are successful, for the past three years, this technology will become common.

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More than 80 percent of strokes happen when a blood clot in the brain stops the blood supply. More rare case of invalid special vessels in the brain, these strokes requires the removal of blood from the brain and cannot be cured with the help of injections.

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