Bats in China are caused by the outbreak of atypical pneumonia

Atypical pneumonia is a subspecies of diseases of the respiratory system. Its peculiarity is that she called atypical pathogens, which under normal conditions rarely lead to the development of such diseases. It is for this occasion include American scientists outbreak of pneumonia that was caused in China Padovanosime bats, vector coronavirus, reported in the journal Nature.

Being a native and vector control coronavirus SL-CoV-WIV1, bats became a reason for the development of pneumonia. In order to determine the exact causes of the disease of American scientists conducted a detailed analysis, which identified the source of infection. In one of the caves were discovered faeces with strain coronavirus.

American scientists believe that bats can be a carrier of such a serious infection, the structure of the virus in 95% matched with the strains found in humans. The danger of SARS is in need of specific treatment, which can be time not assigned, which can cause the development of severe forms of the disease.

China is not the first time faced with such a flash. The first cases were recorded in 2002 in the province of Guidon. Since then, serious outbreaks until recently was not.

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