Bathing in the bath correctly

Our body really like the bathing process. Indeed, it is difficult to dispute this fact. But to get to the sauna benefits, you must follow certain rules. Steam need not to harm your health.

The purpose of visiting the baths must be complete relaxation, rest for body and soul. For a fun pastime with your friends it is better to choose a disco or restaurant where you can drink and plenty to popularity. In the bath is strictly prohibited the use of alcohol, noise, noise and shouting. All of these actions can cause to health irreparable harm, including death.

Before visiting the baths do not overeat. After a meal should be at least two or three hours. This mode will be the most relevant. It is not recommended to eat before visiting and directly in the bath complex fluids. To restore the water balance enough from time to time to do a couple of SIPS of clean water or herbal tea.

A bath you need to take extra clothes, towel, bathroom amenities, Slippers, hat and broom for a bath. Centuries-old traditions of our people have made the choice of a broom in the art. There are many varieties of this essential bathroom attribute. Before the massage, oak twigs should be placed in a basin of hot water, so he took a good steam and completely opened up her scent.

When visiting bath does not follow immediately from the threshold to escape in the steam room, barely having time to take off clothes. First you need to relax, to let the body adapt to unfamiliar surroundings, take a relaxing warm shower and dry off with a towel. The head it is advisable not to wet. To prevent overheating, you should wear a felt hat. In steam you need to grab a towel, otherwise it will be difficult to sit on a hot bench.

The optimum temperature in the steam bath is 85-90 degrees, and the humidity is 10 percent. People who normally tolerate heat and have no problems with the cardiovascular system, it is recommended that in such circumstances to soak for 10-15 minutes, and then go out and relax. Under the rest refers to contrasting thermal load. The broom should be used during the second visit to the steam room.

Correct completion bath treatment will be taking a shower and rest. Before you leave the walls of the bathing facilities must be restored heart

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