Bathing in kindergarten Yekaterinburg ended burns

"News 4" reported that in Ekaterinburg commercial kindergarten "Teremok" atoned year-old boy Daniel in boiling water, this has led to serious burns II - III degree in the quarter skin, obasjana skin on the buttocks, back, and upper extremities.

Daniel urgent repair hospitalized in the burn unit of children's city hospital №9. The boy is heavy and severe pains.

Head of the burn unit, Alexei Plasterers, said: "the Boy was hospitalized in the intensive care unit for carrying out resuscitation events. The condition has stabilized, and today he is already being treated in the burn ward."

Daniel's mom, Svetlana, suggests that the teacher learned about the incident only on the next day. Kindergarten teacher explained that it was an accident. The boy's hygiene planted in the tub, turned the wrong mode water and a little bit away.

Educator Maria Tolarova, she is also the Director of the kindergarten, said that in the time of the incident she and her child were divided wall, and she heard no screams. The staff of the kindergarten blame their Director deny and argue that what happened is just a coincidence.

"Accident" which could little Daniil cost of living and "randomness", which had mutilated body of a young child for life!

The police is leading the investigation, is likely to kindergarten will be deprived of the license.

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