Basic types and treatment of scoliosis

Lately a lot of people begin to suffer from such diseases as scoliosis. In Greek language the word means crooked or curved. It is worth noting that in recent years the disease gets sick a lot of teenagers. This is due to an inactive lifestyle.

In the case of the development of this disease the human spine starts to bend a little to the side and when this happens its rotation on its vertical axis. These changes in the body have a physiological effect and beauty. When expressed curvature of the human body in danger.

There are several different types of this disease:

- idiopathic scoliosis is a condition of the body which is not associated with other disorders or diseases;

functional scoliosis is called when the state of the spine is normal, but the distortion is accompanied by other problems taking place in the body;

- neuromuscular scoliosis is accompanied by problems connected with the formation of the spine. This type of disease occurs most often in people who also have other genetic diseases;

- degenerative type of scoliosis is very common among the elderly. In the joints of the spine are different inflammatory processes followed by this stage scoliosis.

Treatment of scoliosis without surgery is the most common way of solving this problem. But in severe cases will require mandatory surgery.

If a person have the slightest suspicion on this issue, it is necessary will address to the doctor during physical examination of the body will be able to immediately identify the type of scoliosis, its stage, and decide on further treatment options of a patient.

In children, scoliosis can be carried out independently, but it is only in those cases when the disease is at an early stage. For Teens with small deviation of the spine doctors prescribe courses of gymnastics, after passing of which are already visible results, and the condition of the body is significantly improved.

People with more advanced stages of scoliosis need either longer courses of therapy, or surgical intervention.

If you have any symptoms of scoliosis must consult a doctor who will help you cope with this problem.

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