Basic speech problems in children

Some parents do a lot of commotion where actually there is no problem. Do not be too seriously incorrect pronunciation of words by children under three years of age, as this is quite normal. Another thing, when the child is already time to go to school, and he has problems with speech and did not articulate what normally gets most of his peers.

The majority of speech problems in children can solve a pediatric speech therapist, but in the most severe cases may require surgical intervention. Pediatric speech therapist usually works in schools so that children do not have to go to school and even after school. Its activities include the development of language, the vocal cords, the sky, he teaches how to correctly pronounce words. This disease, which can cure the speech therapist, called functional dyslalia - she appears in the result of misuse of the vocal apparatus.

But there are times when speech is not associated with functional impairment. If the child speaks through the nose or nasal, it is necessary to make a diagnosis of the problems with adenoidal, polyps. This disease cures ENT doctor, not a therapist.

Sometimes children have abnormal development of the vocal apparatus, then it is necessary to resort to surgical measures. This disease is called mechanical dyslalia, cause it may be the defects of the teeth, jaw or bridle of the vocal apparatus.

If the child is talking too fast or too slow, you should pay attention to the development of the Central nervous system. Here can be either congenital disorder or acquired. The baby could survive intense fear or even afraid of their parents after screaming so much. In such cases shows the treatment of the nervous system medicines and active holiday at the sea, in the countryside.

Another violation - dyslexia, due to incorrect processing of the hearing aid sounds. When this violation of children are unable to properly write what you hear. Brain and intelligence in their order, and teachers sometimes complain about their negligence and unwillingness to learn. Here too the help of a specialist.

Speech problems in children are often associated with a lack of allocated attention parents. These problems need to be solved in time, otherwise the child may experience more serious psychological illness or complexes. To get rid of most of the violations of children's speech the most important thing is the correct and timely diagnosis.

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