Barren marriage - what is the reason?

Every family sooner or later begins to dream about his small happiness of the child. Here are just some couples can almost immediately prepare for the birth of a baby, and some couples dream for years about the addition to the family. In this case, the family is considered to be infertile.

But what is infertility? In science barren family is considered only if the man and woman cannot have a child within two years, without using any contraceptives.

According to statistics, every second woman becomes pregnant in the first year of family life, and if after three years of marriage, the baby is never born, then the probability of conception decreases dramatically with each passing year. In a recent survey, 60% of cases of infertile women and 40% men.

Physicians share of female inability to conceive on the absolute and relative infertility. Absolute sterility is considered to be in if in the body of the alleged mother of pathological changes occur, which reduces the chance of pregnancy to zero: no ovaries, uterus or fallopian tubes.

Often after several unsuccessful attempts to have a child, the man and woman to seek the help of professionals who send the woman to the gynecologist for an examination, and the man on semen analysis. After the examination, each spouse can determine the cause of infertility, and, unfortunately, in most cases, the woman infertile.

What is wrong in the body of the alleged mother?

Lead the etiology of infertility inflammatory processes in the genital organs. The cause of inflammation are microorganisms that penetrate first into the vagina and then into the uterus, affecting the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Many women in this situation the question arises: is the body is not able to protect themselves from alien bacteria? Of course, the protective mechanism in the female body is, but sometimes it fails for various reasons, and women do not just pay attention to your state of health.

This problem got its name - a dysbacteriosis of a vagina, which is a condition in which the content in the vaginal environment for the good bacteria lactobacilli significantly reduced.

Men have the same common cause of infertility - low sperm motility, resulting not only because of heredity, but also due to improper lifestyle, frequent use of alcohol or drugs. Don't forget that inflammatory processes may take place not only in women but in men's genitals.

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