Barley eye - causes, symptoms, treatment

Barley is a suppurative education, affecting the mucous membrane of the century. It not only significantly affects the facial appearance, but also causes unpleasant painful sensations.

No tricks makeup can't hide red swollen bulb, which is filled with pus. So that the infection did not spread further, should as soon as possible to begin treatment. To prevent the re-emergence of barley in the future, we must try to determine the root cause of its appearance.


The emergence of barley in the eye usually causes Staphylococcus aureus. The cause of this bacterial infection in the body can become:

• weakened immune system;

• hypothermia;

• avitaminosis;

• diseases of the endocrine system;

• abrasions;

• dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract;

• failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene, etc.

Each of the above reasons may cause the appearance on the eyelids of ulcers. Effective treatment should be directed at the underlying disease. Timely access to a physician is the key to successful get rid of this scourge.


Symptoms of ripening eye of barley:

• small tumor sizes on the edge of the eyelid;

• pressure on the swelling causes pain;

• the skin around the tumor becomes inflamed and swells;

• headache, increased body temperature;

• redness of the eye shell;

• enlargement of the regional lymph nodes;

• the tumor is formed purulent plot.

Some time after the appearance of the ulcer or opens spontaneously or resolved.


Barley is a fairly common disease, so many people are interested in how to treat barley on the eye. There are many methods of traditional and folk medicine. Each of them effective in their own way.

In no event it is impossible at home by yourself to uncover barley. Such intervention will only increase the inflammation and further passing the infection on the body. The correct treatment that will get rid of unsightly education, able to appoint a doctor.

As a rule, if the patient is first drawn with such disease, he is prescribed medication. It includes:

• the use of eye ointments can relieve inflammation: tetracycline or hydrocortisone;

• external treatment of the affected area with iodine, brilliant green, alcohol or tincture of calendula;

• the use of eye drops antibacterial action: chloramphenicol or cipromed.

During treatment the patient must be under the supervision of a specialist.

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