Bariatric surgery: indications, advantages and disadvantages

One of the quite young methods of obesity treatment is bariatric surgery. The name itself is a surgical method is translated as "treatment weight". Bariatric surgery shows good results with virtually no harmful effects. This method is ideal to combat morbid obesity. When wecaretoo index BMI has crossed the mark 40.

Today obesity surgery has in its Arsenal of methods to reduce weight somewhat effective operations, which allow to:

• control the volume of the stomach (gastric banding);

• to make the bypass;

• to bypass bilopancreatic;

• to use the sleeve gastroplasty.

Surgical technique the doctor chooses depending on the health condition of the individual patient.


The indications for the use of bariatric surgery are:

• wecaretoo index (BMI) over 40, and in special cases (when there is strong pressure on the joints, arthritis, diabetes) - not less than 35;

• no effect from courses diets, physical education and medication.


• 100% reduction of body weight;

• ability to re-weight gain;

• no need to restrain myself to eat and to wear down the body with excessive physical exertion;

• the stability of the psyche slimming;

• restoration of body functions (metabolism etc);

• strengthening the musculoskeletal system;

• raising the moral self;

• significant improvement in all areas of life.


• sagging skin that you want to delete by means of plasticity;

• the emergence of multiple visible stretch marks on the skin in the inner thigh, abdomen, upper arms, and so on;

• the intake of insufficient amounts of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, which can lead to anemia and other health problems;

• the need for medical treatment to saturate the body with vitamins and other substances;

• continuous compliance with certain rules of diet;

• the need for regular medical examinations.

Whatever it is, people who already have decided on such surgical intervention, leave only positive feedback about this method of weight correction. Bariatric surgery is practically causes no regrets and complaints, which indicates the effectiveness of the method.

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