Banknotes and credit cards are recognized by native bacterial threats

A British expert, senior lecturer at the school of chemical and biological Sciences at the University of London Ron Cutler stated - "In the money bills bacteria more than under the seat (rim) toilet".

In total, Dr. Cutler was analyzed 45 credit cards and 200 banknotes. As it turned out, about 26 percent of paper bills and 47 percent of the credit cards had high levels of bacterial contamination. Sometimes banknotes paper were much dirtier than toilets in common use.

So, the number of bacteria that were found were: Staphylococcus aureus and ubiquitous bacterium E. coli. In General, about 80 percent of the banknotes and 78-year percent credit cards were also traces of various bacteria. It should be noted, scientists have long talks about low-grade bacterial safety. This primarily refers to the usual things that we use daily.

Experts previously found in keyboards employees establishments the high level of pathogens. More recently, under the gun physicians were ordinary paper towels. In these hygiene items was discovered Bacillus cereus is a bacterium that causes infection of the Central nervous system, eyes, blood and lungs.

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