Baldness might be a symptom of neurological diseases

Baldness can be caused not only by aging or hormonal background. Scientists have found that this is one of the precursors of the disease Charcot. This disease is a slowly progressive disease of the Central nervous system with damage to motor neurons, leading to paralysis. At the moment the disease is considered incurable.

Researchers conducted a survey of 50 thousand men of Mature age (from 46 to 81 years). The main research question was: "how early did you start to go bald"? However, 44 percent of respondents to 45 years there were almost no signs of balding, 42 percent said that they had a moderate degree of baldness, and the remaining were almost completely bald by this time. 16 years later, doctors discovered the disease Charcot 11 people from suffering from complete hair loss and in 13 persons with significant hair loss.

The analysis, writes Live Science, suggests that the presence of alopecia increases the risk of neurological pathology until the paralysis three times.

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This relationship is partly explained by the presence of protein-receptors, which are responsible for the regulation of testosterone levels. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for the growth and health of the hair. Another influencing factor is the genetic influence. There are genes that are simultaneously responsible for baldness and development sclerosis, disease-causing Charcot. As a result, there is a loss, in the future, people progressively lose muscle strength, loses the ability to move independently, apnea may stop breathing.

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