Balance 4 of vitamins in the body, will ensure the quality of sexual life

Australian scientists in the study found that to ensure the quality of sexual life in the human body must be maintained balance of the four vitamins: a, b, C and E. Their deficiency leads to decreased libido, and this statement applies to both sexes. When you mentioned lack of vitamins in the body, doctors prescribe to a patient receiving vitamin complexes. Meanwhile, excessive passion vitamin supplements is undesirable, and in addition, their use must be coordinated with the attending physician. If you take these vitamins in large quantities, it is still likely to be supersonicos little. In any case, the "Golden mean" must be preserved at all, and this is also true of vitamin complexes.

Doctors recommend to compensate for a deficiency of vitamins with the help of proper nutritional diet. For example, vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, some berries and kiwi, and b vitamins rich in potatoes, bananas and fish. Most vitamin a is found in eggs, liver, fish oils, butter and milk.

In addition, a study by Australian scientists showed that by increasing levels of the "love hormone" oxytocin in the body can not only increase libido but also reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol.

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