Bad relationships in the family increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease

British researchers conducted a global analysis to find out: how does the lack of understanding in the family circle on the person's state of health. The experiment lasted for 12 years and showed that poor relationships with people, especially family, can lead to increased risk of cardiovascular disease

The study involved more than nine thousand volunteers. It turned out that the people, not finding understanding from family, a third more likely to suffer various diseases associated with the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. The attention of scientists drew upon himself the fact that a significant increase of risk of development of coronary heart disease. This figure is 23%.

Negative psychological climate in the family has a strong influence on people who smoke and abuse alcohol. It should be noted that this scientific research is not the first in the direction of studying the psychology of family relationships and health. Previously, scientists have proven that a happy marriage is the guarantee of improving the quality of life and serves as the prevention of certain chronic diseases.

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