Bad relationships at work lead to ill health

Scientists warn: work where there is no understanding between superiors and colleagues can lead to changes in gene activity. This fact could have a significant impact on human health, writes The Indian Express. It turns out that all the matter in the chronic stress that affects the immune system and increases the severity of inflammatory reactions.

Constant stress provokes immune cells to unreasonable activity. As a result, they start fighting against a non-existent infection or agents, which leads to internal inflammatory response. Scientists say that not a single dangerous, and chronic stress. Only in this situation activates the sympathetic nervous system, which increases the production of immune cells.

This factor leads to activation of inflammation genes, while genes that suppress the inflammatory response, become inactive. Data were obtained research team from Ohio state University on laboratory rats. Scientists say that similar mechanism is observed in humans. Especially the part with chronic stress he faces at work, where there is no understanding between management and subordinates, or disorder is at the level of the working group.

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