Bad news worsen the course of cancer

Oncologists should be extremely cautious in his statements while interacting with their patients. Bad news, even an extra word can affect the course of the disease and reduce the effectiveness of treatment, says Professor Fred Olsen.

The patient should know about his disease as much, so as not to hurt his psyche, writes The Daily Mail. The study of 2011 proves that the risk of side effects after chemotherapy or radiation therapy may increase if the incorrect doctor talking to a patient receiving treatment.

This phenomenon can be associated with psychosomatic, when the nervous system affects other organs and systems. When the doctor gives the patient evidence of his qualifications, describes the successful experience of treatment of oncological diseases, the patient's condition, at least on a psychological level, but is improving.

Good tone of the doctor, attention to the patient reduce pain in cancer and improve mood, says Olsen. Kind words – too drug, he said.

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