Bad news become a cause of excess weight

There are many people who during the depression or personal crisis begin to eat food in large quantities. The study showed that behave in a similar way not only separate individuals. Scientists found that this behavior may be more widespread, for example, during the economic crisis in the country, or at any event that had a negative impact on the population.

American experts from the University of Miami was able to prove that the bad news about the economy, lead to weight gain, writes the Daily Mail newspaper. This is due to the fact that people begin to eat foods that contain more calories in order to extend the feeling of satisfaction.

The results of the study showed that people who read the neutral news, used 40% less food than those who read the alarm message on the topic "how to live". When the experiment participants were asked to read the news about hard times and simultaneously treated with products containing a small amount of calories that people eat up to 25 percent less than in the above case.

This is because once a person begins to feel the lack of food, he tries to find foods that are high in calories.

According to Professor of marketing, University of Miami, in such a moment a man driven by the desire to gain calories. This occurs at the level of instinct, which was formed in humans for millions of years. Here, the principle of "catch the moment - nedica", during which a person begins to eat in reserve, in case that the hard times will come soon.

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In conclusion, the Professor advised all slimming and for dieters to stay away from bad news.

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