Bad habits fathers affect the health of the offspring

Dutch scientists from the University of Maastricht in the study came to the conclusion that men's lifestyle has a direct impact on the health of future offspring. This opinion is based on the fact that fathers pass on to their future generations genetically mutations, including sex. Scientists believe that the way of life of the fathers has the potential to affect the DNA of several future generations, down to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

In their study, the researchers conducted an analysis of two family groups, namely the father , the mother and child, one of which had low annual financial level, and the other group had a higher annual income. Scientists took as a basis of financial criteria only because financial resources affect the way of life that leads to the head of the family - man. For example, it was found that the heads of families who had low financial income, most were followers of harmful habits such as Smoking. In addition, in such families, the fathers could not provide his household with good food. In the study, researchers found that genetic mutations were more frequent in children from families with low income.

Obtained as a result of the research evidence suggests that not only do moms need to care about health, but also potential fathers, if they intend to acquire a successful and healthy offspring.

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