Bad habits and stress can cause the birth of children with non-traditional sexual orientation

Stress and Smoking by the mother have a strong influence on the psychological health of the child in the future. In particular, these factors influence the sexual orientation of a person. It is noted that stress and Smoking increase the risk that an adult individual will choose the path of homosexuality. These data are presented Professor of neurobiology dick Schwaab from the University of Amsterdam.

Nicotine and synthetic drugs (amphetamine) significantly increase the probability of birth of the girl with lesbian tendencies. Information applies to boys. This is due to the impact of hazardous factors on the immune system, which leads to disruption of hormone function.

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Note that the mother's hormones strongly influence the development of the fetus. Elevated levels of cortisol in the body of a pregnant woman determines the functioning of the sex glands of the child in the future.

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