Bacteria were resistant to antibiotics hundreds of years ago

Researchers from the University of AIX-Marseille proved that bacteria, who lived 700 years ago, already had resistance to antibiotics. Data were established through the analysis of ancient bacteria, viruses. The analyzed samples, the scientists found during excavations carried out in 1996. The source of the bacteria became public toilet times of the XIII century.

Scientists investigated bacteria infected with a bacteriophage (viruses of bacteria). Detailed analysis showed that early man ate about the same as now. This is confirmed by analysis of feces.

The experts found that found viruses, bacteria were necessary to ensure the life of intestinal flora. In addition to the multitude of genes were identified that are responsible for resistance to toxins and antibiotics. It should be noted that the antibiotics have started to use only in the XX century.

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However, in nature rather natural antibiotics. Penicillin, for example, has been isolated from fungi of the appropriate type.

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