Bacteria originating from ancient caves to help in the fight against cancer

Experts from Irkutsk state University have found a type of bacteria that produce antibiotic. There is a chance that this substance kills not only pathogens, but also cancer cells. About it writes the edition of PLOS One.

An antibiotic synthesized by the bacterium, destroys pathogens yeast and E. coli. Now scientists are exploring the potential of the antibiotic in the attitude of cancer cells. There is a possibility that the antibiotic will become a new line in the fight against cancer.

Amazing bacteria scientists have found in Large Oreshnaya cave. In its waters, the researchers found 10 strains of bacteria. One type synthesizes more than 120 chemicals, 100 of them until the last moment science was not yet known. Now Russian specialists understand whether these substances had any beneficial properties.

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