Bacteria obesity exist

Researchers from the University of Maryland concluded that the cause of metabolic disorders, and therefore obesity can be certain bacteria. Previously, the main causes of obesity was considered a genetic predisposition and lack of nutrition. A study of 310 patients showed that bacteria - the third reason for the development of obesity.

The participants of the experiment were amisi (conservative Anabaptists) living in the U.S. in closed communities, they in the body were discovered bacteria at high concentration which a person develops type II diabetes and has been steadily increasing weight.

In the human intestine American scientists have found 26 different species of bacteria that have been associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome. The pattern seemed scientists obvious, the higher was the population of these bacteria in the intestines, the higher was the body mass index of the person, the level of glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in his blood. But while scientists have not figured out the nature of the relationship of these bacteria and excess weight, it is clear that the intestinal flora is strongly influenced by external parameters of a person, scientists will conduct testing of how different diets affect the detected bacteria.

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