Bacteria from the oral cavity to provoke bowel cancer

Israeli and American scientists have proved that fuzobakterii increase the likelihood of developing cancer of the colon. This type of flora may break in the gastrointestinal tract and provoke the multiplication of cancer cells. Note that independently under the action of one species of bacteria cancer does not appear. Other data obtained in the course of the study, says the publication Cell Host & Microbe.

Scientists conducted an experiment on lab mice and found an interesting fact. As the home of fuzobakterii choose a cancer cells of the colon. The thing in the protein Fap2, which covered the malignant cells.

Experts think if neutralize this protein can reduce the incidence of cancer of the colon. Until the required evidence base, and the statement itself is just a theory.

Note, carcinogenic fuzobakterii normal resident in the oral cavity of almost any man. When changes in the immune system, their number may increase, which provokes a number of other diseases. Most of them involve inflammation of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

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