Bacteria from permafrost can slow aging

Recently in Siberia in the permafrost zone was discovered species of bacteria that will help to slow the aging process.

Russians more erudite appropriated bacteria name Bacillius F, laboratory tests have shown that it slows the manifestation of signs of aging muscle. Russian Academy of Sciences said that the age of Bacillius F more than 3 million years from the point of view of evolution and some other factors.

- Having regard to the unusual living conditions of this bacterium, one can only wonder about its stability. Discovered in Yakutia organisms reproduce only at 5 degrees Celsius. - Explained by scientists. - Bacteria have been found in the permafrost, where they successfully preserved, it is likely they have different mechanisms of preservation of viability. As it turned out.

Injection data bacteria to mice has helped to enhance the natural protection of rodents, and improved the quality of life for aging animals. First of all it came immunity and speed of reaction.

The experiments also showed that the tested mice improved metabolism by 30 percent, probably bacteria can also reduce the occurrence of senile blindness, but not the appearance of tumors.

Russian Academy of Sciences notes that further experiments on animals, before you can talk about drug development.

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