Back pain come about because of bras

Physical pain can be experienced from many items of clothing - belts, underwear, hats, bags. Most inconvenience occurs because of ill-fitting bras. Because of them, according to information published by the British Association of osteopaths in the report, 6 out of 10 women complain of back pain, numb neck and even headache.

In 4 cases out of 10 pain in the neck, shoulder or back pain in women are associated with carrying heavy bags. Tight belts are caused by sensations of numbness or burning sensation, surrender in the upper part of the thigh. According to The Telegraph, because of this there is increased sensitivity to temperature influences.

According to Kelston Chorley, people often pleasing fashion, sacrificing health. And recommendations Natasha Hatwell working in the company Bravissimo are regular size bra, as often the underwear that women wear, too small a Cup and too large in the chest. This leads to the transfer of the weight on the shoulders. Moreover, over time, may change the size of the breast.

But because of the g-string one-fifth faces irritation caused by friction. Thanks to the flip-flops can receive the strain on your thumb. Because there are too tightly fitted hats, hats crushed the vessels of the head, which causes headaches. In this case, men are no exception, as the habit of constantly wearing a wallet in your pocket can turn their back problems.

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