Back pain - causes and treatment

Completely different causes may be responsible for the emergence of feelings of pain in the back or the lower back. Of course, to determine the necessary treatment, you need to identify the real cause of pain. But this is not as simple as the pain may be associated with congenital problems of the musculoskeletal system, and acquired during life. Also can cause internal diseases, various infectious diseases.

By itself, specifically the treatment of back pain may not give the expected results, because the discomfort back pain can be the result of another underlying disease. It is therefore important to determine the causes of back pain. Proper and effective treatment, will save you from it is guaranteed.

Frequent causes of pain in the back area include herniated intervertebral discs, degenerative disc disease and muscle spasms.

Hernia leads to degeneration of the intervertebral disc, which in turn violates the admission to it of essential nutrients. Normal metabolism in the disks is broken, which leads to their slow destruction. Frequent pain in the lower back, neck, and back surround this disease.

Osteochondrosis is characterized by loss of elasticity and strength of the discs and vertebrae, their swelling from compression and friction. This is the cause of back pain.

Unfortunately, the operation for fixing vertebrae using structures with osteochondrosis and surgery to remove a hernia can not deal with the source of back pain. Most often they come back after some time.

There is a methodology that helps make an accurate diagnosis of the joints and spine. The obtained results of the survey are used to develop an individual treatment program, they aim to identify the main causes of pain, determine the underlying disease and quietly flowing to the patient's disease. This approach to the treatment of back pain, back pain and cervical spine takes into account the important factor that determines the condition of the muscle tissue.

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Physiotherapy, which is made with using simulators will not only help to get rid of back pain or back pain, and restore microcirculation in the deep muscles of the spine to cope with edema and spasm, restoring the ability to live a normal life after injuries and operations.

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